Wine tour and tasting in Montalcino

At Podere le Ripi we tend to take the wine experience in Montalcino very seriously. We don’t just assume that everyone is a wine expert, but rather a wine lover that wants to find out more about what we do and why. A wine tour and tasting in Montalcino should be an experience to remember and cherish, or at least that’s how we see it!

We are a biodynamic winery boutique in Castelnuovo dell’Abate, approximately 15 minutes east from the town of Montalcino (you can download the driving directions here). Join us and discover the estate in a relaxed atmosphere, while enjoying the breathtaking view of the UNESCO world site Val D’Orcia.

The Wine Tour and Tastings are on demand and always private... we care about your privacy.
You will be guided by our experienced staff throughout the whole winemaking journey: from the farming in the vineyard all the way to the processing of the grapes in our Wine Cellar cave, to end up in our tasting room were you will be able to choose between three different types of wine tastings. Our guys are not tour guides, but wine experts, winemakers, cellar masters and agronomist and they will be making your Montalcino wine tour experience worthwhile.

So, groove on the view of our centenary olive trees and our vineyards during the guided tour. From Lupi e Sirene single vineyard: the high-density vineyard, to the Bonsai vineyard, the densest in the world with more than 62.500 plants/H. Enjoy walking through the Golden Cellar, built underground following ancient roman architectural techniques, this golden ratio-inspired building was completely constructed by hand without any reinforced concrete. You will be explained the productive processes of the biodynamic farming philosophy from the processes of tillage and vinification to that of refinement of the wine. At the end, just to top off your tasting experience, in the peace and quietness of our panoramic tasting room, you will be savouring our finest wines, including our Brunello di Montalcino. You will have the possibility of choosing among different typology of Wine Tastings often accompanied by a drop of our olive oil (when available!).

The Wine Experience at Podere le Ripi has recently been included among the 12 best Wine Tours and Tastings to have around Florence by CN Traveller... just sayin'!

Wine Tasting and Wine Tour

Wine Tour and Tasting Terroir Experience

Wine Tour and Tasting Terroir Experience

What you are going to do: Private tour of our vineyards followed by a tasting of 5 wines coming from different expositions and soil, where you will be learning to describe the sensory differences that you will perceive. In our opinion the best way to immerse yourself in the complexity of the soil and its outcome. The wine tasting will include our super Tuscan, three Brunello di Montalcino and a Brunello Riserva. Each wine coming from different vintages, soils and sun exposition. All representing the best expression of the values of this land. During the tasting we also serve water, cheese and a taste of our olive oil (if available).

Who it is for: for wine lovers eager to see and taste the difference between different terroirs and their outcomes.

How much: € 40,00 per person
For how long: 1h - 1h and a half
Booking: Upon request (everyday: 9:00/18:00)

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Wine Tour and Tasting Bonsai Vertical Tasting

Wine Tour and Tasting Bonsai Vertical Tasting

What you are going to do: This Private tour and tasting focus on explaining the concept and philosophy behind the Bonsai vineyard and our biodynamic farming choices. Our expert staff will take you on a tour in the vineyards (including the Bonsai, the densest in the world) and describe our different terroirs and how they impact the outcome of the wines. You will taste a selection of 6 great wines such as our Brunellos, our super Tuscans and the precious IGT Bonsai of which we produce only 700 bottles per year, the finest expression of the Sangiovese of our Estate. During the tasting we also serve water, cheese and a taste of our olive oil (if available).

Who it is for: those of you that are serious wine lovers and are curious to find out more about the crazy concept behind the Bonsai wine.

How much: € 70,00 per person
For how long: 2h - 2h and a half
Booking: Upon request (everyday: 9:00/18:00)

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Montalcino Tuscan Garden Tour

The Tuscan Garden Experience

What you are going to do: A brand new concept conceived to showcase the beauty and the productivity potential of our land. You will be browsing through our farm animals and our delicious vegetables while actually getting your hands a little dirty while picking up organic veggies, eggs and everything your heart desires! The tour path is designed as a game, a learning game made purposely for the younger and older guest. Made to satisfy your inner farmer. It will be the perfect excuse for showing off our beautifully grown tomatoes, carrots, pumpkins, salad, zucchini, strawberries (etc) and our fun and very well-behaved farm animals.

Who it is for: If you are curious to learn more about farming, Tuscan culture and be 100% hands-on and in touch with nature and if you like to get a little competitive!

It also includes: Tour of the vineyards and winetasting.
For how long: 3h
How much: email us here for more info.

To be a Great Winemaker you must be a Great Farmer first...
Live a unique experience visiting our tuscan garden

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And if you like flying...

Fly Brunello Tour: the Brunello experience in Helicopter

Fly Brunello Tour: the Brunello experience in Helicopter

We will be in charge of organizing your day, showing you the best of the Tuscan wine regions from a Helicopter, with exclusive wine tours in two prestigious wineries of Montalcino: Podere le Ripi and Castiglion del Bosco. Conclude your day having lunch at Silene’s, Michelin star restaurant on the Amiata Mountain. The helicopter pick up/drop off can be arranged depending on your location.

starting from €6.000 for up to 6 people (the price is conceived per helicopter)

approx. 5 hours

Upon request (everyday: 9:00/18:00)

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