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Podere Le Ripi

Winery, ecosystem, farmhouse, live organism. Live the wine experience. Discover the Biodynamic vineyard and how producing a great wine means being a farmer first

Our Vineyards

Currently 34 hectares of biodynamic vineyards, rooted between forest, olive trees, vegetable garden, and fruit trees... Uncontaminated oceanic soil with marvelous vegetal diversity, breathtaking views, and pure air. All of this divided between two opposite Montalcino mountainsides, with soils belonging to different geological eras. Here we began our adventure in 1998, on the Eastern side of Montalcino: Castelnuovo dell’Abate. In 2016 we added the vineyards on the western side, from the oasis-looking environment of il Galampio.

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Bonsai Wine

An old Burgundian winegrower once told me that it takes 35 years for a vineyard to produce good grapes and a great wine. I was too thrilled to wait so I decided to try something new and innovative: I forced my plants to go through many different geological layers over a short time span, by planting them in a very high-density system. This gave them but one choice: in order to survive, they either had to go deeper with their roots or die. And it worked... i had my great red wine!

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The Golden Cellar

Antique building techniques and timeless shapes give an extraordinary energy to our wines. From the day we started thinking and imagining our cellar until today, 12 entire years have passed. It was totally worth it, because whoever enters this cathedral of wine strongly perceives the intense harmony emitted: I know that even my wines feel it, while refining here for the first years of their lives. You can enjoy a deep visit with our guided tours.

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Wine tour and tasting

Durning the winery tour, you will have the opportunity to taste our best wines served directly by their makers. We love our grapes and we can't wait to share this passion with you.

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Fly Brunello

The most exciting and scenic wine experience. You will contemplate from the sky the extraordinary beauty of Montalcino and Val d'Orcia vineyards and the harmonic essence of this land in the south of Siena.

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Behind the Glass

Wine Tales

Our Wines

Our Montalcino Wines

Rosso Toscana, Rosso di Montalcino, Brunello di Montalcino. High-sounding names for ancient but modern delights.

This is what we do. these are our creatures, our being. Discover them all and taste the essence of Montalcino. Not only Brunello wine but a range of delicacy made from Sangiovese grapes.


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