Winery in Montalcino

Podere Le Ripi

Winery, ecosystem, farmhouse, live organism, community.

Our Vineyards

Ideally, we would not need to define geographically where a vineyard begins and where it ends, as everything we do is based on this approach that considers what surrounds us in its entirety. Vineyards, woods, olive trees, our incredible clay formations, and rivers: all of it creates our ecosystem, and we take care of it without distinction. We apply this philosophy to 34 hectares of vineyards and to the rest of our estate, at least 4 times wider than that.


“An old Burgundian winegrower once told me that it would take 35 years for our vineyards to be capable of producing grapes able to show the potential of their territory. He was referring to roots and their depth, they were the reason I had to wait so long. But I was too thrilled to wait, so I decided to try something new and innovative: I forced my plants to go through different geological layers in a shorter amount of time using a very high-density training system. This gave them only one choice: they had to go deeper with their roots or they would not have survived. And it worked!”

The Golden Cellar

12 years have passed since the day we started thinking and imagining our cellar. The wait was worth it: those who enter this wine cathedral indubitably feel the intense harmony that it releases. And we know our wines appreciate it too.

Live your authentic Wine Experience

Wine tour and tasting

Durning the winery tour, you will have the opportunity to taste our best wines served directly by their makers. We love our grapes and we can't wait to share this passion with you.

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Biodynamic Vegetable Garden

In order to really understand the beauty of winemaking, you must learn the ways of the land and think like a true Farmer.

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Behind the Glass

Wine Tales

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