Our Olive Oils

Tuscan peoples love their olive oil, in fact, we think it is the best one it the whole world (and it is). It’s an intrinsic part of our culture: friends and families gather in November to brush the olives off the threes and we come up with every excuse to reunite and taste it. Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is pressed within 24 hours from its harvest – it gets cold-pressed which allows to preserve the natural and nutritional characteristics of the olive. Remember: this olive oil is freshly pressed, meaning that is greener, fruitier and spicier especially when young! It has a great lasting taste (bitter and lightly spicy notes) which allows the oil to have nice longevity (fresh for 18 months, but when using it for cooking it can last for 3 years). The older it gets the smoother it will become. We suggest using it for raw dishes and on bread/veggies the first 3-4 months, after that time it can also be used to dress more delicate dishes.