Vegetable Garden and our very own Ecosystem

The word Bio stands for life, whereas dynamic refers to growth and development as if it were an encouragement, a stimulus to spur life. We’ve been applying the biodynamic farming method since 2011, trying to adjust it and shape it to our environment’s needs. It has been (and it still is) a journey through which nobody gives us any indication on how to operate: there are no standards to follow. The core concept that must be clearly understood is that every place is essentially different. Hence it is important to have a strong objective and to keep following it. We’ve been slowly widening our awareness and asked ourselves what else we could have done to guarantee a healthier life for our vines. That is important as the plants’ health is directly correlated to the quality of their fruits. We’ve also understood how the energy that we’ve put into the surrounding environment is as important as any work done directly into the vineyard.

By continuing in this direction, we went from winery producing mainly wine to creating an actual ecosystem. Thus, engaging in something more ambitious and complex, than in biodynamic farming refers to a concept defined as “ORGANISMO AGRICOLO”. A farm where biodiversity strives and all relationships between all living beings prosper, are supported and encouraged in every farming action.

That is how, in 2018, we made the decision of turning 6 hectares of our land to this purpose. We created a synergic green garden with orchards that were added to our existing ancient olive trees, beehives, lakes, and spaces to breed animals.

Understanding the agriculture to understand the wine.

The green garden has multiple purposes: besides increasing and enriching biodiversity, it aims to preserve ancient species of fruits and vegetables cultivated accordingly to biodynamic practices and thus guaranteeing full ousting of synthesis molecules.

It is also a place of research and observation, as the garden gives results of biodynamic practices in a faster fashion compared to results detected in the vineyards. It is also the perfect spot for biodynamic preparations and herbal infusions and decoctions that we’ve been using more and more each year. With such biodynamic preparations, we’re working towards becoming more independent by producing them ourselves, directly on the farm’s grounds, which is what we already do for the 500.

respect towards nature, keeping the ecosystem free from chemicals, and helping all sorts of creatures living in our land: from the bee to the Chianina beef cow.
We do so in order to preserve our small chunk of the universe, promoting vital forces instead of thinking that we can control everything.
Tuscan beauty doesn’t exist because of us and for us: it was borrowed from our fathers and it will be there for our sons and daughters to borrow; this way we only serve as guardians with the task of preserving without ever damaging it.

The animals of which we have approximately 15 of (without counting the winged ones) are considered as being another first step of ours. As of today, they are not enough to produce the manure we need, but we are working on it! In the meanwhile, we are feeling blessed: they are free to roam in the vineyards during the vines’ rest period. And we are confident that the exact same smile on the faces of those who witness the beauty of such freedom is also somewhere in the vineyards, on our plants.

There is still a long road ahead of us and the project is only getting more ambitious. But with small but confident steps we are attempting to create the best possible environment, with the desire to embrace polyculture, humus, the concept of a closed-loop agricultural system, and promotion of natural forces, with the goal of preventing instead of treating. In a nutshell, we are trying to create health. At the end of the day, agriculture, it is organic or biodynamic, should be clean. It should have a positive impact and it should be sustainable for the environment. With these premises, it will only grow food and wine with excellent sensory and nutritional characteristics.

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The experience in our garden is carried out in accordance with nature, weather, and our farming practices. It is never the same and the only insurance is that you might get your hands dirty! We will provide you with all the necessary. You will end up looking like a true farmer. The garden experience is great for families with young children, and it also includes wine tasting (for the adults participants only!).