Wine tour and tasting in Montalcino

At Podere le Ripi we tend to take the wine experience very seriously. We don’t just assume that everyone is a wine expert, but rather a wine lover that wants to find out more about what we do and why.

Podere le Ripi is known as a Brunello winery, but in reality is a small “ORGANISMO AGRICOLO”. This term doesn’t have a righteous representation in the English language, yet it can be translated to a concept: instead of conceiving a farm only as its land and its produce, the Organismo Agricolo communicates the whole picture: its soil, plants, animals, people, insects, microorganisms..

Podere le Ripi has been growing accordingly to biodynamic farming principles for over 10 years. It might sound like something quite contemporary, but it is actually very familiar to our own roots and culture: farmhouses inhabited by small communities where people attempt to cultivate and breed in the utmost respect of nature.

Making wine is undoubtedly our main commitment, but we also devote time and energy to everything else surrounding our vineyards, which is why we now feel more like a farm than a winery. We must remind ourselves that we are farmers before we are winemakers. And this is exactly what we try to communicate when hosting those people who’ve been intrigued by our work.

The Wine Tour and Tastings are private and require reservations. We must do so to combine the wish to give our guests a quality experience with the necessity of keeping up with the rhythm of nature in our fields.

During your time here you will be guided by our people, the same ones that just a few minutes before were busy with other activities, being them office the fields, vegetable garden or animal stables, so, apologies if we won’t be dressed too elegantly.

You’ll be visiting our farm from the vineyards to the wine cellar, ending in our tasting room where you will be able to choose between two different types of wine tastings. Our people are not touring guides, but wine experts, winemakers, cellar masters, and agronomists all directly involved in the common realization of our project.

If you want to gift a wine tour experience to a friend or a loved one, you can do so by writing it in the note section at the very end of the booking form after clicking the blow buttons “book now”.

The Wine Experience at Podere le Ripi has recently been included among the 12 best Wine Tours and Tastings to have around Florence by CN Traveller.

Our spin-off Wine Bar

The buzz, the enthusiasm for new projects, the constant search for new challenges, have always been a source of vital energy and essential motivation. All this, combined with our tireless and irrepressible pathological need of uncorking bottles, gave birth to the idea of ​​an avant-garde wine bar in Montalcino.

Although we feel the strong bond with our territory, sometimes we like to go beyond its borders…
Thus, the travels, the meetings with wine enthusiasts, professionals, producers from the world of artisanal wine, with whom we share the philosophy, have made us feel, more and more, the need to create a place to contaminate our reality… this is how the Vineria Aperta, for Landscape drinkers, was born.

Check out the website of the Vineria Aperta.

Wine Tour and Tasting Terroir Experience

Wine Tour and Tasting Terroir Experience

Private tour of our vineyards followed by a tasting of 5 wines. You’ll be tasting all of our 3 our Brunello each of them coming from a different single vineyard with different geological characteristics, exposures and climate. In our opinion the best way to immerse yourself in the complexity of the soil and its outcome. Our main job in the vineyards is to interfere the least possible and to portray the purity of the vintage and of each vineyard. Which is exactly what we hope to have come through during your experience. During the tasting we also serve water and a taste of our olive oil (if available).

Who it is for: for wine lovers eager to see and taste the difference between different terroirs and their outcomes.

Cost: € 40,00 per person
Duration: 1h and a half
Booking: Upon request (everyday: 9:00/18:00)


Wine Tour and Tasting Bonsai Vertical Tasting

Wine Tour and Tasting Bonsai Vertical Tasting

This Private tour and tasting focus on explaining the concept and philosophy behind the Bonsai vineyard and our biodynamic farming choices. Our people will take you on a tour in the vineyards (including the Bonsai, the densest in the world) and describe our different terroirs and how they impact the outcome of the wines. You will taste a selection of wines such as three different Brunello and the Bonsai of which we produce only 900 bottles per year. During the tasting, we also serve water and a taste of our olive oil (if available).

Who it is for: those of you that are serious wine lovers and are curious to find out more about the crazy concept behind the Bonsai wine.

Cost: € 70,00 per person
Duration: 2 hours
Booking: Upon request (everyday: 9:00/18:00)


Have a drink (and a bite!) at our new spin-off Wine Bar

Vineria Aperta Montalcino - Landscape Drinkers

A lively place of meeting and sharing, because good wine, good company and good food heal the soul. In the endless landscape of Val d’Orcia with 1000 fantastic wine lables ready to satisfy the most courious wine enthusiast and a super tasty tapas menu based on seasonal local products to delight your palate.

We offer, lunch, dinner, aperitivo, wine tasting experience with Brunello focus and more. Located 3 km from the winery.

Check out the website of the Vineria Aperta.

WhereVia del Bassomondo 3, 53024 Castelnuovo dell’Abate – Montalcino (SI)

Opening hours: Open daily from 12.00pm to 12.00am. Kitchen open all day until 10.30pm. Closed on Mondays.


Experience in the Biodynamic Vegetable Garden

Understanding agriculture to understand the wine is the premise we will be working with during this experience. We thought of giving our guests access to the true beating heart of our agricultural project. This is the ideal way to have you “touch” our values: Visiting our synergic biodynamic garden, meeting on our animals, and understanding how they enrich our environment, all of this will be carried out as a learning game designed for adults but also for families with kids. Understanding seasons through their products, all cultivated according to sustainable practices now long forgotten by the modern farming industry.

Don’t worry, we’ll dress you up in farmer clothing from head to toe, so you’ll feel like one of us and we won’t feel bad if you get dirty!

Without the understanding of our land, we wouldn’t be here, this is why we will be diving into the true concept of wine, visiting the wine cellar, and tasting 6 of the wines that we produce.


Who it is for: If you want to spend a day immersed in nature, picking and eating organic fruits, if you’re travelling with friends and family and if you have young kids and would love to see them running around chasing chickens and feeding our donkeys (or the goats…or the cow…pick the one you prefer.)!
Also great if you like to get your hands dirty and you are curious to learn more about farming, Tuscan culture and winemaking in one of the most important wine regions of the world (Montalcino!).

It also includes: Tour of our biodynamic garden, meeting and feeding of our farm animals, tour of the Brunello vineyards and Brunello di Montalcino wine tasting.
Duration: 3h
Cost: email us for more info and a tailored quote.


Understanding Agriculture to understand The Wine.

Our tasting rooms

And if you like flying...

Fly Brunello Tour: the Brunello experience in Helicopter

Fly Brunello Tour: the Brunello experience in Helicopter

We will be in charge of organizing your day, showing you the best of the Tuscan wine regions from a Helicopter, with exclusive wine tours in two prestigious wineries of Montalcino: Podere le Ripi and Castiglion del Bosco. Conclude your day having lunch at Silene’s, Michelin star restaurant on the Amiata Mountain. The helicopter pick up/drop off can be arranged depending on your location.

starting from €6.000 for up to 6 people (the price is conceived per helicopter)

approx. 5 hours

Upon request (everyday: 9:00/18:00)

Want to know more? Send us an email to [email protected]

See a preview of what awaits you