Experiencing Podere Le Ripi and its people

At Podere le Ripi we tend to take the wine experience in Montalcino very seriously. We don’t assume that everyone is a wine expert, but rather a wine lover that wants to find out more about what we do and why.

A wine tour and tasting in Montalcino should be an experience to remember and cherish, or at least that’s how we see it!

Over the years we have worked hard to offer an exclusive standard of service, in order to be perfectly aligned with the quality of our products, and with the aim to provide the most authentic experience possible.

We wish to make people feel our real sense of place with no filter. This is the reason why we belive that our people and team are what really make the difference”.

Flexibility, customization and bespoke experiences are our daily bread.

Our hospitality team is trained to deal with last minute bookings, changes and unexpected occurances. Tell us what your idea is and we can make it happen.

We’re lucky enough to welcome people from all over the world everyday, and we focus our energy to design a wide range of experiences for them, paying close attention to every detail.

The tour begins with a walk through our vineyards as we explain our biodynamic approach to winemaking. Then, a wine tasting in our panoramic tasting room. Three different types of tastings suit the needs and desires of each person: a first approach to Brunello di Montalcino, a comparison of the different terroir of our vineyards, and lastly our full selection, including our precious Bonsai, concieved for serious wine lovers.

We also organize gastronomic experiences from lunches to private wine dinners and cooking classes.

Carefully chosen farm to table ingredients are used to prepare dishes of our Tuscan culinary tradition, which are paired perfectly with our wines.

We designed two unique activities: the Tuscan Garden Experience and Fly Brunello. The first was created to provide the best sense of place, a better understanding of what living in Tuscany is and to discover that, to be a great winemaker you must be a great farmer first (farming culture is an essential part of our Tuscan heritage and the true essence behind a bottle of wine). A game especially tailored to families and groups of sustainable foodie-friends.

All wine shipments are carefully monitored by us from the moment they leave our warehouse to the moment they reach clients’ doorstep. We manage all the customer service internally, as we believe it to be an integral part of Podere Le Ripi’s wine experience.