Why Canna Torta


Orange wine is the name we give wines made with the whole fruit, starting from white grape. It is craftsmanship at its finest, we call it a “zero waste” product as through vinification the wine enjoys the presence of the skins for 9 months, respecting the integrity of the whole fruit. This means that the white grapes undergo a very long transformation, where the skins are very important as they completely change the personality of the wine, its body, and taste.

For centuries up until the 50s, making orange wine or macereted white wine with white grapes was common in Tuscany, especially using trebbiano and malvasia (Tuscan native grapes). But after that, this particular method of producing wine was forgotten as the wine world was evolving in another direction: becoming more focused on making wines without skins. We have always wished to encapsulate our philosophy and terroir in a white wine too, and making it an orange wine was the perfect solution for our biodynamic farming methods and passion for wines strictly connected to their lands.

Our artisanal Orange wine is called Canna Torta, and making it has been a beautiful journey in which we learned a lot and eventually found our balance. The wine rests in contact with its skins in Terracotta amphoras for 8/10 months, where it undergoes a sort of genesis, in the sense that the wine becomes what it is after its making process, thanks to the skin contact and the terracotta amplified effect. We believe that when an orange wine is really well made and comes from important vineyards followed by great work in the cellar, the wine will release a very special taste that we call umami. It’s not only a taste but also a feeling, as it becomes a mix of saltiness, sweetness, bitterness but also acidity. All of these characteristics make this wine rich, meaty, and also very tasty and savory.

Here why and how the wine is made:

Why Canna Torta

Below is a video of Sebastian our winemaker, tells this wine and everything that Canna Torta rappresents for us.