Our Ecosystem

Biodiversity: living beings (animals, plants, fungi and bacteria) that coexist in a natural and balanced ecosystem.

The importance lies in the balance that is created between these living beings, that is what allows such system to thrive.

Picture each living being as a vital organ, each with its own job to do, the combination of such organs gives life to a body, a unique ecosystem that works toward the same goal.

Our ecosystem is also made out of vineyards, olive groves, fruit trees and the many different plants that grow in the vineyards and in the vegetable garden that attract various species of insects and fungi.

And our team.
The ecosystem is created naturally, however, we should protect it through proper farming practices and great sensibility towards our land, whoever and whatever lives in it.

The decision of becoming a biodynamic farm came as a consequence of the desire to respect and protect our ecosystem, and has since become a lifestyle. Such practices entail the use of specific biodynamic preparations, two of the most important ones are called 500 and 501.

The 500 preparation is sprayed on the ground, used to give the soil vitality and balance.

The 501 is another sprayable preparation, but is used for the aerial part of a vineyard (the leaves, flowers and grapes) and helps to energize and intensify solar rays, improving their process of photosynthesis.

Both are not considered fertilizers, but preparations meant to balance and energize.

The biodynamic calendar consists in a series of informations which indicate when the best days for applying certain treatments in agriculture are, to optimize the growth and prosperity of each plant.

It works strictly in relation to astrology: the position of constellations and planets defines which type of “day” it is.

Days can be placed in four different categories: root days, leaf days, fruit days and flower days.

Each of these days dictates what type of treatment should be applied on plants, as well as when the best time to plant seeds and harvest crops is.

Synergy between earth, water and air transforms light energy into organic energy.

Such energy is generated by: the living part of the ecosystem: animals, plants and living beings in general.
Then by the combination of living beings together with solar energy, water, and the energy in the atmosphere, all of these elements create a powerful synergy: the stronger the balance the stronger and longer lasting will the ecosystem be.

An ecosystem, to be called as such, should be made out of varieties of the same element, for instance, plants: we are a winery, this doesn’t mean that we only have vines. We distance ourselves from a monoculture as much as possible. We therefore have olive groves, several varieties of fruit trees and other flora, which all coexist happily.