How the old became new

Sebastian, Podere Le Ripi’s winemaker, has a huge passion for orange wines originating from the East of Italy, known as the Carso, and decided to make a simple but dynamic summer wine.

The only way of making such wine with Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes was to work artisanally with prolonged maceration periods and terracotta anforas.

Terracotta is one of the most natural “ingredients” that exists out there, it’s literally clay or chalk baked in very powerful ovens. Italy is one of the few countries where craftsmen still produce handmade terracotta objects, from decorations to huge anforas for fermenting wine.

We use terracotta anforas to produce Canna Torta as the clay allows for a slow and constant micro oxygenation and for spontaneous natural fermentations.

Canna Torta’s label dates back to the very beginning of Podere Le Ripi, when there was only one employee, who believed we didn’t need fencing to keep wild boar and deer away from our vines, he himself would keep the animals away, with his hunting rifle.

His sight and hunting skills were pretty bad—so he never caught a single animal. Everyone made fun of him, nicknaming him “crooked barrel”, in Italian: Canna Torta.