Podere Le Ripi’s best vintages

There is a saying in Tuscany that goes: “il vino si fa una volta l’anno e quando hai capito cosa fare hai già pagato il conto!”

“wine is produced once a year, and once you’ve understood what you have to do you’ve already paid the bill”

It basically means that we only get one chance per year, and every vintage is so different and requirers a unique approach every time.

Each year is also different from the next as it is signed by unique events, which affect the people, vineyards and wine in the cellar. All these changes reflect on the wine which is like a sponge and absorbs everything that surrounds it.

The original team selecting the 2015 harvest grapes, the first year we had our new cellar!

The best vintages, so the vintages that create wines that have a great balance and longevity are also the easiest years to “deal with” in the vineyard, as they lack extreme weather conditions, and are characterized by a gradual and balanced climate.

The important thing to remeber is that you can’t rush! The last 20 days of harvest can make the difference between a good harvest and an exceptional one!

Sangiovese in Montalcino thrives with slow and gradual ripenings, and with a strong variation of temperature between day and night. When years are characterized by peaks of temperature, drought or humidity, we loose the rhythm of the ripening stage, and therefore potential harmony too.

Here are a few Podere Le Ripi vintages that we’ll never forget: