Season's Greetings


Africa Restoration Initiative

Dear all,
I just received my Christmas gift and I want to share it with you:
Africa reveals awesome plan to reforest the continent
African Nations will reforest 100 million hectares by 2030! Compared with the results of the study Illy commissioned to the Columbia University’s climatologist Jeffrey Sachs… this is really good news. Sachs says: keeping this pace, by 2050 only 44% of the Arabica Coffee regions will still be suitable for this coffee.
In the wine world we’ve seen quality as alcohol increasing in the last decades. Winters are warmer, summers are hotter and the wines get better and better, but for how long?
We at Le Ripi try to respect the nature surrounding us as much as we can: biodynamics is by far the highest CO2 sequestrating farming. And you help us to bring this message to our consumers.
I mean, we are a great team! And I really want to thank you all for the passion you donate to this project.
I really want to thank you… but… let’s continue, all together, to fight for a healthy planet: Africa has just shown us what a higher sense of responsibility they have compared to ours. They will plant trees… to sequestrate the CO2 that we emit. I find it wonderful!
I know, we are just a few and the pragmatists will always tell us that we are not going to make such a difference, but the world has not been made by them. It has been made by dreamers, dreamers like you, dreamers like us.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a 2016 full of joy, happiness and laughter, success and, most of all, belief.

Francesco Illy